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Open letter:
First of all, our management board and all staff of xedulich247 would like to extend a warm welcome and our sincere gratitude to partners and customers who always support and stand by us during the years! Wish you all health, happiness and success! We wish you wonderful trips with your family and friends!

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We understand that the customers’ needs of car rentals for travelling as well as car hire for business these days in the society are indispensable. Because they are a worthy reward after hard working days or just a prompt response to the efficient and affordable way of transport. Therefore, since the day XEDULICH247 teamed up, we built up our motto, business ethics and professional attitude in order to meet the demands of clients as well as to bring the best and most suitable service to create more and more satisfied customers!

Company’s position
With years of experience in the car rental business, XEDULICH247 has established itself as a pioneer in this service industry. XEDULICH247 always sees the customers’ reliance as a guideline for all of our actions, so we always get trust and absolute satisfaction from the partners and clients who are political organizations, small or large enterprises, domestic or foreign one, households or individuals throughout Da Nang city and neighboring provinces.

- Issued the business license No. 0401512414 by Department of Planning and Investment in Da Nang.
- Website:  
With our skilled management board and enthusiastic, active & passionate staff with well training,
XEDULICH247 has had steady advances in the market and always been a reliable choice or trustworthy option of the clients!

Our major services:
- Car rentals for travelling with a wide range of vehicles from 4 – 45 seats.

- Car rentals for business with daily, weekly, monthly or long term contracts.
- Car rentals for airport transfer, wedding, funerals or else.
- Car rentals for tourism.
Professtional services:
- To attain these achievements, XEDULICH247 strive continually to grow up and to satisfy the clients’ prompt needs and mainstream.
XEDULICH247 is proud of our operation staff who are really enthusiastic, honest, passionate and thoughtful. They are always willing to listen and share any usefull information or answer questions from customers in order to offer the most suitable, preferential, prompt and efficient services. 

- Our driver team arms themselves with knowledge, driving skill and experience, english speaking skill, punctuality, road proficiency, courtesy, faithful, creativity in order to bring the best services to the clients.
- Besides, XEDULICH247 has been investing in our car fleet with new car brands in order to constantly improve the service quality. Moreover, all XEDULICH247’s cars are in routine and thorough maintenance checks before leaving in order to meet all cleaning and safety requirements.


Development policy and commitment:
In the fluid and fierce competitive market in Viet Nam nowadays, XEDULICH247 has set the mottos of “Customers’ satisfaction as the basic of development”, and that is also our principle as well as our indicator for all decisions of the management board and staff. Thus, XEDULICH247 sets the daily goals and quality commitments as following:
- All drivers and operation staff have dedicated their energy, time and money to bring the most satisfaction to clients.
- To commit to be absolutely honest to bring the appropriate service with the best quality to clients.
- To keep a high sense of responsibility, never-ceasing innovation and  creativity at work.

- To periodically conduct unique new and attractive promotions and customer loyalty programs. Reach out to us, XEDULICH247 pledge to bring you the authentic experience with friendly and professional service. And, no doubt, you will get a great satisfaction and a happy smile after every trip!

How to use our service:
To book a car, you can use the following methods:

- Find the car you want and book it online at
- Call our hotline 0905.669.715
- Call our management office by the number 0905.669.715 (Mr Ân)
- Contact us through the email address:
- Send SMS or chat directly with our operation staff
- Or any other menthods that suit you most.
Payment terms:
- To pay directly to the company at our office or to our drivers after the transportation.
- Or transfer through bank accounts.
Asia Commercial Bank – Đà Nẵng branch:
   Account No.: 146290569
Vietcombank account– Đà Nẵng branch:
    Account name: Lê Khắc Triều Hưng
    Account No.: 0041000330715
Agribank account–  Tân Chính branch - Đà Nẵng city
    Account name: Lê Khắc Triều Hưng
    Account No.: 2015206043778
Accept any payments by blockchain in the near future (SRN Tokens)

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Car Rental Service in the Middle of Viet Nam.
Our fleet consists of a wide range of vehicles from 4 – 45 seats.
Serving car rentals without drivers from 4 to 7 seats.
Serving car hire for business and tours
Hotline: 0905.669.715 - 0984.131.390
Email: - A member of Gia Hưng Triều Group
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